Innovation Stage

Free Seminars on Breakthroughs and Best Practices

Free, 30-minute seminars are presented by suppliers throughout the day at various Innovation Stages. New in 2021, the Processing Innovation stage focused on the latest breakthroughs in processing specifically.

Innovation Stage Locations

  • 3 Stages in Central Hall
  • Topics searchable by track
  • Sessions available all 3 days



processing innovation stage

The Processing Innovation Stage Locations

  • Stage located in North Hall
  • Topics searchable by track
  • Sessions targeted to processing



Innovation Stage seminar topics included:

  • Sustainable packaging
  • Applying co-bots in packaging 
  • Supply Chain Improvements
  • Improving efficiency
  • Sanitary design
  • Coding and sterilization technology
  • Process Improvement
  • Protecting Products, Brand and Reputation in an Online World
  • Remote monitoring
  • Manufacturing Performance and Operational Resilience
  • High-pressure processing (HPP)
  • New Automation Technology Solutions

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