Why Attend?

The Packaging and Processing Event That Has it ALL

To keep up with the changes in the last year, you need to experience the latest innovations that can drive your business forward. At PACK EXPO Las Vegas you get the invaluable opportunity to see technology upfront and ask questions from multiple vendors right on the spot. No other event in 2021 will bring together a more comprehensive gathering of packaging and processing suppliers, ideas and industry professionals. To keep up with it all, you have to attend this industry-defining event!

1. Keep up with technology, live and in-person. This past year has reaffirmed our knowledge that the best way to keep up with new technology and see breakthroughs that can push your business forward is by experiencing it live, up close and in person. In addition to exploring packaging or processing solutions for ideas you have in mind, you’ll encounter technology you didn’t realize existed—opening up exciting new possibilities.

2. Gain valuable perspective made possible only through networking. With so many industries at one show, you’ll discover unexpected crossover solutions, get a sense for trends across markets, find out what competitors are doing and where your company stands. Unexpected ideas are sparked by the serendipitous connections made only through a live event and this is your best opportunity to collaborate with peers and industry leaders effectively.

3. Make better capital investment decisions. Being surrounded by technology in action, seeing materials and containers in person, having meaningful conversations face-to-face with suppliers and engineers and getting answers on the spot will provide you with the best path forward for your company’s bottom line. The variety of equipment and number of solution suppliers gives you a valuable sense of what’s out there—what is possible—enabling you to think bigger, think outside the box.

4. Get more done in 3 days than a year's worth of research. With so many solutions on display and access to industry experts all in one place, one thing is for sure, you can get answers fast and accomplish more than anywhere else. In just 3 days you are sure to find what you need to improve production, enhance your brand, expand e-commerce, achieve sustainability…the list is endless.

5. Be ready for the future and prepared to adapt to changing market conditions. Make discoveries to keep in your back pocket for later, ideas that will come in handy when new challenges arise. You’ll gain a perspective that helps you prioritize and plan ahead for what your next capital investment might be and what investments you can or should be working toward.

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