September 11—13, 2023
Las Vegas, NV USA
Monday, September 11: 9am–5pm
Tuesday, September 12: 9am – 5pm
Wednesday, September 13: 9am–3pm
July 10, 2023

Sustainability to Take Center Stage at PACK EXPO Las Vegas 2023


Herndon, Va.; July 10, 2023 — The mostcomprehensive packaging and processing event in North America this year, PACKEXPO Las Vegas 2023 (Sept. 11–13, 2023; Las Vegas Convention Center), is takingthe lead in highlighting the importance of sustainability in the industry. Aspart of its commitment to sustainability, show producer, PMMI, The Associationfor Packaging and Processing Technologies, its partners, vendors, andexhibitors are working together to create actionable sustainable solutions inmanufacturing, materials, and design as well as through improved processes onthe show floor. 

Debuting at PACK EXPO Las Vegasthis year, Sustainability Central will take an expansive look into packagingsustainability and what it means to brands, including expert speakers,interactive content, and a look at actionable sustainable solutions inmanufacturing, materials, recovery, logistics, analytics, and design. At theSustainability Stage, attendees will hear from industry experts on a range ofpackaging sustainability topics and learn how to make their brands moresustainable. 

PACK EXPO Las Vegas will showcaseover 2,000 suppliers offering cutting-edge packaging and processing solutionsand innovations for over 40 vertical markets. Exhibitors showcasing sustainablesolutions via new materials, technology, or strategies such as sustainableprocesses and machines, renewable and biodegradable packaging, source reductionand light weighting, recyclable and recycled-content materials, or innovationsthat reduce carbon footprint are easily identified with a PACK EXPO Green icon.The PACK EXPO Green icon also highlights educational sessions focused onsustainability. 

Dow, the show's officialSustainability Partner, will contribute its expertise in promoting sustainablepractices by speaking on the Sustainability Stage, participating inSustainability Central, and sponsoring all the recycling on the show floor.Increasing the number of recycling bins on the show floor provides anopportunity to not only divert as much waste as possible from landfills butalso educate attendees and exhibitors on the importance of recycling. 

“Thanks to our partnership withDow, PMMI is putting sustainability front and center in our industry,” says JimPittas, president & CEO, PMMI. “Our attendees will have a chance tointeract like never before with leading companies and thought leaders on atopic that affects us all and enables us to protect our environment throughincreased recycling efforts. Anyone committed to learning more aboutsustainable solutions in our industry will want to be at PACK EXPO Las Vegas.” 

Partnering with industry leaderslike Dow elevates the resources available to all PACK EXPO attendees. 

“As Dow continues to collaborate oninnovative solutions and investment opportunities to achieve our goal ofTransforming the Waste, we’re proud to be the first ever officialSustainability Partner for PACK EXPO,” says Victor Zapata, commercial vicepresident, Packaging & Specialty Plastics North America, Dow.“Sustainability is no longer a ‘nice-to-have,’ but a necessary part of anycompany’s business strategy and growth. Yet, no one company can do it alone.Enabling a circular economy requires all of us working together to advancecollective solutions.” 

Additional PACK EXPO Las Vegashighlights demonstrating the show’s commitment to sustainability include: 

The Reusable Packaging Associationwill once again sponsor the ReusablePackaging Pavilion featuring exhibitors offering reusabletransport packaging to help attendees move their products efficiently, effectively,and sustainably. 

The Reusable Packaging Learning Center willfeature presentations and panel discussions on a variety of topics related tosustainability and reuse. Attendees will learn what to consider when decidingto invest in reusable packaging and best practices for incorporating reusablesinto the supply chain. 

PMMI Media Group has created the PACK EXPO Sustainability SolutionsFinder, a targeted curated list of sustainable solutionsexhibitors will be displaying at the show. Visit sustainability.packexpo.comto learn more. Exhibitors can participate in a post-show donation program, benefitinglocal organizations in the Las Vegas area, by donating any unwanted food,electronics, or booth materials. PMMI also will donate or recycle any remainingcarpet after the show. 

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Gatwiri Muthara

Sr. Manager, Public Relations

PMMI: The Association for Packaging and Processing Technologies