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Robotics Zone

Interactive Demonstrations and Displays

Robotics Zone


Experience these interactive robotic activities and cobot displays. Imagine the possibilities of automation across all markets and get inspired. Located in booth N-850 in the North Hall.


Omron LD Mobile Greeter Robot
Omron LD Mobile Greeter Robot

The PACK EXPO Omron Greeter Robot will welcome attendees to the Robotics Zone where you will learn about the various displays and how to navigate the area.

Sponsored by Omron

Siemens Robot
Siemens’ Object Detection and Flexible Grasping with Artificial Intelligence Demo

This demo from Siemens Digital Industries US will demonstrate how vision based real-time artificial intelligence at the edge can help automate flexible packing of adversarial objects. Visitors can self-select objects to pack from an unsorted pile and watch a robot localize the selected objects and transfer them to a container.

Sponsored by Siemens

comau exoskeleton
Comau Interactive Wearable/Exoskeleton

In this exhibit attendees will get the chance to try on a wearable mobile machine courtesy of Comau. Test this interactive exoskeleton by performing various tasks and imagine the power you can feel using this wearable technology.

Sponsored by Camau

University of Waterloo and Septimatech
University of Waterloo and Septimatech Robotic Changeover

This demo will focus on the ability of mobile robots to work in smart factories side-by-side with humans. See pick and place/relocation activities in action, compliments of the University of Waterloo and Septimatech Easy Adjust Rails repeatable guide rail system.

Sponsored by Septimatech 25th Anniversary

University of Waterloo

Soft Robotics end-of-arm tool
Soft Robotics End-of-Arm Tool Exhibit

Soft Robotics will demonstrate an end-of-arm tool designed to mimic the human hand to grasp and manipulate items that vary in size, shape, and weight. Imagine the possibilities and see how end-of-arm tooling is transforming the possibilities of automation.

Sponsored by Soft Robotics

KUKA Piano Playing Robot
KUKA Piano Playing Robots

Be treated to a live concert from the Kuka Robotic Pianist. This sophisticated demonstration will focus on robot capabilities on fine motor skills and human interaction. The Kuka Robotic Pianist can accompany and or mimic humans on complex musical demonstrations.

Sponsored by KUKA

Ready Robotics
Ready Robotics Bowling Robot

This demo is right up your alley. Use a Ready Robotics robot hardware controller to make a robot attempt to throw a strike rolling a ball at bowling pins. This fun demo will focus on robot-human interaction on particular tasks. Try it, you’ll strike it.

Sponsored by Ready Robotics

Omron dice playing robot
Omron Interactive Dice Playing™ Collaborative Robot

Compete with a cobot in a game of dice because it’s Vegas after all! See Omron’s interactive dice playing cobots which focuses on robot-human interaction. Test your luck here. You could walk away a winner. 

Sponsored by Omron

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