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PACK EXPO Las Vegas Powers Innovation in Dairy Packaging

The better-for-you and high-protein food trends are opening new doors for dairy. Are you equipped to keep up with consumer demand? PACK EXPO Las Vegas has the solutions you need.

Find Solutions

Be sure to look for:

  • Portable single-serve bottles, stand-up and squeezable pouches and more—in the Containers and Materials Pavilion
  • Better sealants, films and other technologies for enhancing shelf life
  • Digital packaging solutions that make high-end looks, customization and smaller runs more feasible—in the new PACKage Printing Pavilion
Meet Demands

From beverages to snacks to spreads, dairy can take a huge variety of forms—and PACK EXPO Las  Vegas has solutions for them all, allowing you to:

  • Update your look to appeal to consumers looking for a natural, farm-fresh feel
  • Offer more grab-and-go options, launch a new flavor or create shelf-stable products  
  • Exceed food safety guidelines and avert recalls

Dairy Industry News

Redesign reintroduces frozen treat

Packaging for gelato ice cream educates consumers on the range of ingredients and flavors.



Frozen yogurt goes digital

Greek yogurt producer used digital printing to make a big splash introducing new frozen pint category.



Staying on top by staying in front

Greek yogurt leader plumbs the depths of its brand along with consumer desires to create exciting new package designs that reflect its goal of universal wellness.



Packaging for dairy demand 

With a capital spend on new filling machinery, a dairy launched new packaging formats to meet growing market demand for its milk.



Building new markets in milk 

A co-manufacturer is betting big that Americans have a growing appetite for shelf-stable milk.



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