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Powering Innovation in Cosmetics and Personal Care Product Packaging

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Powering Innovation in Cosmetics and Personal Care Product Packaging

In the cosmetics and personal care industry, the package can make the product. That’s why top companies such as Colgate-Palmolive, Estée Lauder and Procter & Gamble regularly send attendees to PACK EXPO Las Vegas, where you’ll find the latest innovations for liquids, creams, gels, sticks, powders and more.

At PACK EXPO Las Vegas:

  • Visit the Containers and Materials Pavilion to see and handle new bottles, jars, lids, films, seals and more.
  • Talk with suppliers about solutions that enhance the customer experience, increase functionality, prevent contamination and increase shelf impact.
  • See the new PACKage Printing Pavilion for digital packaging solutions that make high-end looks, customization and smaller runs more feasible.
  • Consider potential crossover solutions from pharma industry suppliers at co-located Healthcare Packaging EXPO.




Recyclable tube brings style to hygiene

Premium toothpaste manufacturer uses the packaging itself to illustrate the importance of brushing teeth twice daily.



Mindfulness pervades sunscreen packaging

Recyclable packaging and updated graphics reflect a safe skincare brand’s authenticity.



A perfume bottle to stand the test of time 

New technologies accelerating the design process allowed a watchmaker to debut bottles inspired by a classic, elongated watch face. 



Baby teething biscuits bloom on shelf

An organic food company used bold, appetizing colors and fruit and veggie illustrations to differentiate its organic teething biscuit product from the competition.



Chewable gummy drives nutraceutical growth

Consumers around the world are suffering from pill fatigue and are seeking non-pharmaceutical functional foods and beverages.



Automatic bagger for diapers

A nonwovens company replaced its semi-automatic bagger with a fully automatic one to increase line capacity while cutting labor in half.



Fashionable first aid

A new first aid brand turns the product into “badges of honor,” packaging them in reusable, stackable tins in a range of bold prints, patterns, and colors.