PACK EXPO Las Vegas Powers Innovation in Chemical/Household Packaging

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PACK EXPO Las Vegas Powers Innovation in Chemical/Household Packaging

Finding packaging solutions compatible with the unique and challenging formulations of your products as easy as attending at PACK EXPO Las Vegas.

  • Discover equipment and materials made to handle corrosives
  • Investigate e-commerce friendly packaging options
  • Explore exciting advances in digital printing – in the PACKage Printing Pavilion
  • Get ideas for eye-catching containers or rebranding in the Containers and Materials Pavilion




Packaging for Corrosive products

Rebranding sustainable cleaning products A producer of earth friendly packaging products updated packaging for its cleaning products with a sleek new bottle and graphics that convey the emotional benefits of the brand.



Capper for corrosive products

Fillers with Polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) components support a large range of viscosities and adapt them for hazardous and aggressive liquids.



Child proofing single-dose detergent packets

U.S. single-dose detergent pack sales are growing at 15 percent per year, and with them, accidental ingestion by children. New child resistant pouch packaging reduces that risk.