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PACK READYPACK Ready is our health and safety commitment to you. Information and guidelines are ever-changing and PMMI is committed to updating our approach based on current government regulations and industry standards. Effective June 1, Las Vegas has returned to pre-pandemic guidelines, however Show Management will continue to plan with additional health and safety protocols, listed below.   


Show management will share all updates regarding these recommendations. In the meantime, our staff, including two GBAC-Trained Technicians, continues to actively plan for a productive event, including the following:

Building Guidelines and Protocols

The Las Vegas Convention Center is among the first convention centers in the nation to gain accreditation as a GBAC Star Facility. The Las Vegas Convention Center has taken steps to minimize the risks associated with infectious agents such as the novel coronavirus, including: 

  • Strict cleaning protocols for infectious disease 
  • Hand washing facilities and/or sanitizing systems easily accessible to everyone
  • Use of approved disinfectant chemicals and delivery systems to ensure everyone's safety
  • Response protocols for skilled professionals to address potentially infected people and/or places within the facility
  • Deep clean prior to the start of an event, including cleaning and disinfection of restrooms per CDC guidelines
  • Increased air filter quality rating to MERV 13 and increased replacement rate of air filters
  • Increased frequency of outdoor air exchange rate
  • Changes to food and beverage service options and cleaning policies to ensure food safety and limited contact

Show Management Protocols

PMMI will implement protocols based on the most up-to-date guidance from the CDC, local and state authorities to help mitigate the risks associated with infectious agents such as the novel coronavirus, which may include:

  • Increased cleaning in all show management areas 
  • Hand sanitizer stations located throughout the exhibit halls
  • More dedicated concessions and seating areas
  • Mailing badges in advance for contact-free registration
  • Designated first aid area for any immediate needs or medical issues
  • Face Coverings: all show participants should follow CDC and local guidance with regard to face coverings. Face coverings are recommended but are not required* and will be available on site.


*Current local regulations require face coverings for all individuals regardless of vaccination status on public transportation including the show shuttle buses, monorail, taxis, and rideshares. 

Best Practices and Readiness for Exhibitors

Exhibitors should plan their exhibit considering attendees and booth staff will expect clean and open spaces to allow for comfortable interaction and productive discussions. Some recommendations based on current industry best practices are included in the list below: 

  • Open booth designs to limit groups congregating in one area or creating unintentional restricted areas
  • Sanitize machines and high touch surfaces multiple times throughout the day
  • Consider touchless (electronic and digital) alternatives to engagement
  • Use My Show Planner to schedule appointments in advance
  • Provide hand sanitizer in your booth
  • Incorporate signage promoting health and safety best practices

PMMI will keep all of our exhibitors, attendees, staff and vendors up to date with new developments in order to ensure a coordinated effort and a safe environment for all.

Please contact the PMMI Show Department at [email protected] or 571.612.3200 should you have any questions or concerns.

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