PACK to the Future

An Interactive Exhibit Exploring the Past, Present and Future of Packaging

PACK to the Future


Join us on a voyage of discovery into the special association between people and packaging. Located in North Hall (N-11030) here is what you can expect to see in this exciting new exhibit area.


Packaging Past

Travel back in time and discover the evolution of machinery, materials and technology with displays of one-of-a-kind, historic machines, packages, photographs and videos.

Participate in uniquely interactive, self-guided exhibits that explore:

  • how packaging developed as civilizations and trade evolved
  • how the industrial revolution led to rapid innovations and mass production
  • how the scientific and digital revolutions spawned new technology and industries
Packaging Present

On the show floor at PACK EXPO Las Vegas you'll have a first-hand look at how the packaging and processing industry adjusts in present day by seeing evolutions in e-commerce, sustainability, remote access, healthcare packaging, and more

Check out the extensive line-up of exhibitors and the products and technology they plan on showcasing through the show planner directory.  


Packaging Future

Sustainability, e-commerce and automation will be the key players in the future of packaging. Discover sustainable packaging options for the future both in the PACK to the Future exhibit and the nearby Showcase of Packaging Innovations.

The PACK to the Future Stage, featuring free presentations by industry experts, will showcase advancements such as sustainable solutions, smart packaging and artificial intelligence. Discover how the next-generation workforce is driving innovation in the future with special exhibits by PMMI’s University Partners.

Future Innovators Robotics Showcase

Teams of students from Las Vegas-area high schools will be demonstrating creations they designed and built themselves.

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