Looking for E-Commerce Solutions at PACK EXPO?

Read about e-commerce solutions exclusively available to you at PACK EXPO Las Vegas this fall. Solutions such as shrink wrap, one-piece shipping liners, fiber-based packaging, and mailer bags will be on exhibit to assist you for your e-commerce needs. Learn more about the robotic solutions, automatic baggers, picking carts, bundlers, automated sortation, and banding equipment that can help your company succeed in the growing e-commerce space. Also, learn about the tools and education available to assist you in your logistics and fulfillment center challenges.

Airguard Packaging (SU-7161) - Airguard will highlight its innovative and automated Air Cushion System designed to protect a wide range of products during shipping and handling.

Avon Pacfo Services Pvt Ltd (N-9203) Avon Pacfo will showcase its various e-commerce materials including corrugated boxes, paper mailer bags, tapes, corrugated sheets, and more.

Billerudkorsnas (N-8814) – Billerudkorsnas will exhibit its fiber-based packaging solutions for both primary and secondary packaging, including carton solutions for use in the e-commerce space.

Clysar (C-3631) – Clysar will showcase its e-commerce shrink solutions that protect and display your products, so they arrive in peak condition, while minimizing packaging waste and reducing shipping cost.

ColdKeepers (SU-7569) - Ideal for e-commerce applications, ColdKeepers will showcase its patented one-piece shipping liners that save freight for the food and pharmaceutical industries.

CompanyBox (SL-6751) - CompanyBox will showcase its collection of subscription boxes, mailing boxes, cartons, wine shippers and secure mailers for shipping and e-commerce applications.

DCKAP (SU-8402) - DCKAP will showcase its services that include custom e-commerce website development for a feature-rich online store for a variety of industries.

DHL (SU-8322) - DHL will highlight solutions to supply chain challenges that arise with the increasing demand for e-commerce fulfillment.

Felins USA (SU-7264) – Ideal for e-commerce applications, Felins will showcase its banding equipment and consumable materials for companies in the healthcare, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic industries. 

Georgia-Pacific Corrugated (N-9708) - Georgia-Pacific Corrugated will showcase its e-commerce solutions including brown and printed boxes, mailers, graphics & printing, as well as supply chain review and optimization.

Hexcelpack (SU-8425) – Hexcelpack will showcase its protective and sustainable wrapping system for e-commerce fulfillment of consumer goods.

Hi Tech Albums USA (N-16001) - Hi Tech Packaging will showcase its materials for e-commerce applications like custom corrugated boxes that are tailored to the specifics of your product to maintain product protection in transit.

International Paper (N-9501) – International Paper will highlight its fiber-based packaging, pulp, and paper used in e-commerce fulfillment worldwide.

Mamata Enterprises (C-4845) – Mamata will highlight its complete solutions on its Flat Bed Poly bag machines & Wicketers for applications like e-commerce mailer bags.

Mujin (SU-7377) – Mujin will showcase its various robotic solutions including robot automation applications for piece-shipping centers, such as mail orders and e-commerce industries.

New Age Industrial (N-9608)- New Age will exhibit its ladder carts, picking carts, and pallets that work to streamline e-commerce fulfillment for a variety of industries.

Niverplast (C-5546) – Niverplast will highlight its automatic bag placing machines, ideal for supermarket e-commerce fulfillment applications.

nVenia (C-4425) – Ideal for e-commerce applications, nVenia will highlight its secondary packaging solutions that allow manufacturers and retailers to bundle, ship, and market these items efficiently.

OSARO (SU-8337) – OSARO’s robotic piece-picking solution is optimized for grocery, cosmetic, and e-commerce markets, where key challenges include high SKU inventories, complex packaging, and fragile items requiring delicate handling. 

PAC Machinery (C-2414) - PAC Machinery will showcase how to optimize e-commerce packaging with its Rollbag™ R3200 Automatic Bagger, FW 400F Flow Wrapper, and 6800CS Side Sealer.

Pineberry (C-1653) – Pineberry Manufacturing will showcase its custom automation solutions for e-commerce applications, including mailing & order fulfillment systems that can be set up for labeling, inserting, packing slip insertion, feeding, collating, etc. to meet same-day shipping requirements.

QMI Services / CubiScan (SL-6557) - QMI Services will display several types of end-of-line and receiving systems where conveyorized systems are utilized to automatically capture barcode data, weight, and dimensions for various e-commerce and order fulfillment applications.

Rehrig Pacific (SU-8201) - Rehrig Pacific will showcase its integrated solutions for the e-commerce space, including totes, bins, pallets, and crates. 

Rennco (C-3433) - Rennco will highlight its semi-automatic vertical bagging machine that produces a right-sized e-commerce shipping package made from roll stock center-folded material.

Solution Net Systems (C-4603)- Ideal for e-commerce applications, Solution Net Systems will highlight its solutions for print and apply labeling, as well as automated sortation, scanning, receiving, and logistics.

Teknopack Plastik (SU-7618) – Teknopack will highlight its poly mailer, mailer bags, courier bags, as well as shrink films and bale wrap products that offer solutions for e-commerce applications.

Texwrap (C-3027) – Texwrap will exhibit its solutions for fully automatic shrink wrapping, shrink bundling systems, and e-commerce systems. 

ThermoPod (SL-6800)- ThermoPod will showcase its eco-and-user-friendly packing and shipping products for today’s temperature-control and protective packaging markets.

Uboxes (SU-8314) – Uboxes will showcase its nationwide packaging solutions, including packing tape, stretch wrap, bubble rolls, and packing paper for use in e-commerce applications.

Wexler (SU-7673, 7264) – Wexler will exhibit its banding solutions for a quick and efficient solution for increasing distribution rates and fulfilling e-commerce orders fast.

YompBox (SU-8262) – YompBox will highlight its high strength, inflatable air chamber protective packaging to create an e-commerce “box-less” air column shipping solution.

The above offerings were evaluated for relevance to e-commerce by a neutral third party.


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Innovation Stage Sessions on E-Commerce

Presented by: Dassault Systèmes

Dassault Systèmes (DS) will discuss the impact the COVID-19 pandemic has contributed to altering consumer behavior and trends, driving changes in the development of e-commerce packaging, and the accelerating Circular economy that will sustain these changes into the future. DS will provide examples of Virtual Twin technology that will accelerate sustainable and profitable economic models using AI and Machine Learning to optimize the package of the future. 



Presented by: Specright

In the era of supply chain disruption, does your business have guardrails in place in case of disaster? Digitizing your supply chain network can help. From quickly recognizing supply chain gaps or meeting skyrocketing demand, digitally building out your supply chain network enables recovery and turns disruption into opportunity.



Presented by: Rehrig Pacific

What if there was a way to deliver goods faster and safer through the supply chain without sacrificing ROI? Something that would address the real-world issues of labor shortages, productivity, and driver safety. In this session, Rehrig Pacific will offer insights and key learnings to lead industry collaboration by providing direct feedback from drivers and delivery personnel about how this system is making things better for people, planet, and the business.



Presented by: Amcor Flexibles

COVID-19 has accelerated the shift toward e-commerce and online shopping, where products bypass the store, get packaged in individual quantities, and are shipped directly to a consumer’s front porch. In this session, explore the changing forces reshaping the role of the package and outline key considerations in designing the next generation of online packaging.



Presented by: Liviri

Liviri is the leading innovator of sustainable packaging solutions for thermal performance, operational efficiency and cost-effective scalability. Discover how reusable totes and containers sync with your grocery staging, wine shipping, last-mile delivery and MFC processes.



Presented by: AIPIA, the Smart Packaging Association

Supply chain management, consumer engagement, authentication, provenance, traceability, and waste are just some of the ‘pain points’ facing brand owners today. Savvy consumers want to know more about the products they are buying, governments want better accountability from brand owners, packaging converters/manufacturers, and distributors. And all the while fraudsters are getting smarter and smarter at counterfeiting goods, which can lead to enormous brand damage. Plus, we live in a world where sustainability and reducing waste are priorities and product security vital. Smart packaging technologies can be a key component to providing solutions to all these issues.



Presented by: WestRock

In this session, we will explore how the rapid growth of plastic mailers in the e-commerce space has led to consumer pressure for more sustainable packaging and how companies can improve their sustainability, productivity, and consumer experience by shifting to a fiber-based pouch system.



Presented by: Specright

Increasing consumer demands, e-commerce (and of course, COVID-19) are just a few reasons packaging professionals are looking to “go digital.” Products are changing fast, so companies are looking to technology to help them go faster and work remotely to quickly prototype new designs and reduce the development cycle from months to weeks. According to research, packaging and supply chain digitization is a burning platform for executives - and the longer you wait to start, the more challenging it can be to digitally transform your business. Join us to learn how you can transition your packaging to a digital world to drive innovation and collaboration - no matter where you are.



Presented by: Liviri, Conscious Container & Reusable Packaging Association

Reusable or refillable packaging for consumer products is rapidly gaining popularity to prevent waste and pollution and to create more value through an enhanced customer experience. But many startup challenges exist in building reuse models that will incentivize consumer participation such as operating logistics and costs. Established packaging reuse systems for the supply chain can help consumer reuse models succeed with scale and operating efficiencies. Refillable glass bottle company Conscious Container, in partnership with the Reusable Packaging Association, is developing a commercial pilot involving wine packaging to test and demonstrate the opportunities from a holistic transport and primary reusable packaging system. The pilot is a grant award winner from CalRecycle. This panel session features a conversion with Conscious Container, RPA, and e-commerce solution provider Liviri on the pilot program and how its deliverables will identify market synergies to advance and strengthen reusable packaging across use patterns.



Presented by: Felins

As e-commerce continues to boom across all industries, every layer of the supply chain is being re-evaluated. Common factors driving operational and packaging innovations within e-commerce, specifically related to direct-to-consumer packaging methods, include improving the unboxing experience; maintaining brand consistency through all channels; identifying how to fulfill orders faster & reduce freight costs; all while providing sustainable packaging solutions that protect the product during transportation. During this session, explore how ultrasonic banding has become a unique and versatile solution within e-commerce that can address these key factors/pain points. Banding can reduce void fill, unitize unique shape products prior to auto-box systems, & eliminate corrugate damage associated with strapping, while utilizing various types of banding material (from paper & plastic to pre-printed & compostable).



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