September 11—13, 2023
Las Vegas, NV USA
Monday, September 11: 9am–5pm
Tuesday, September 12: 9am – 5pm
Wednesday, September 13: 9am–3pm

Here’s Why Your Peers Go to PACK EXPO Las Vegas

“I came to PACK EXPO Las Vegas to find new packaging machinery for my distillery company and what I encountered was so much more. Between [education] sessions and networking, I learned more than I expected in a way you can’t online. With such a massive show, there’s nothing you can’t find at PACK EXPO.”

– Chance Chaffin, Production Coordinator, Heritage Distilling Co.

“I came to PACK EXPO to find [a vendor] that can integrate automation and our existing software for a print-and-apply line on a new installation. This show has a lot to see—and it's stuff I'd never have seen otherwise. There are lots of companies that can help us all located in one place.”

– Karla Lanigan, Label Controls Supervisor, Roche Tissue Diagnostics

“We came to PACK EXPO Las Vegas looking for new innovations to improve efficiencies and address labor needs. We actually discovered a solution to our challenge that we didn't know existed and bought a filling system right off the show floor. It’s nice to be meeting face-to-face and so important to see the equipment in person.”

– Lee Keller, Vice President, Heritage Family Foods

“I came to PACK EXPO Las Vegas to see what’s new and find some packaging solutions. This is my first time here and it's been a great show. We’re based in Texas and found a couple of Texas-based vendors that we weren’t aware of!”

– Ed Hernandez, Maintenance Supervisor, Direct Source Meats (Labatt)

“We came to PACK EXPO looking for packaging [solutions]. It is a lot to take in, but we are finding what we need and would recommend the trip.”

– Jason Limon, Developer, Flexart

“We came here to see what equipment is out there right now. We currently do a lot of manual packaging, and due to labor shortages, we [are happy] to [find solutions] to now automate our end of line systems.”

– Nathan Heidrick, Project Engineer, Amy’s Kitchen

“I have never seen a show like this before; what a wonderful experience. The First Time Attendee Lounge was like a mentor program for anyone who has never been to the show before. It really helped me in particular with a plan to attack the show.”

– Kevin Christiansen, Executive Director, Café Barnabas Tea Company

“We came to the show looking for end-of-line automation for packaging. Making things go faster and dealing with the workforce challenge are our priorities…growing volume, and finding additional capacity to make the workload more manageable. We came to PACK EXPO to stay on top of industry advancements.”

– Mike Mortensen, SVP of Operations and Supply Chain, Lower Family Foods

“This is my first time at PACK EXPO. The show is very comprehensive and there is so much diversity among the exhibitors. The app was very helpful and we managed to find the solutions we need.”

– McKenna Avery, COO, Hempress Hygienics